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Books and Company
Saturday January 30, 2010
From 1300 hrs to 1600 hrs
I will be here too if you can't make the weekday.

Thanks for your support. I had to self publish as the commercial publishers could 'handle' the material of my novel.



Trafford sells my novel

How ancient is Stonehenge?

How ancient is Stonehenge?
Author looking at you...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CBC raido interview. The best I have done so far...


Friday, January 29, 2010

Local Author in the television news...

so I have a clip on the news...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Elements in the Novel that you may be interested in....

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
Windermere High School
Royal Oak Jr. Secondary
Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK
London, England
Surrey, England
Elijah the Tishbite
John the Baptist
Haida Gwaii
Tlell, BC
Various forms of ritual
Enochian Gnosticism

Hard to beleive, but these are all in my book. How I wove them together is more a case of non-linear thinking, which I am told I am good at.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Official Book Launch!!!

January 30, 2010
1pm to 4 pm at
Prince George, BC

I am pretty excited and I hope you guys are all going to give me the support...I am pretty nervous. I am hoping that CBC will get back to me or CKPG.

Hope it all goes well...

Have a magically splendid day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turbo Broom Book Promotion

Well, it was a pretty wet and slippery day but I made it to my book signing at this new funky store. I was disappointed that there were alot of people who looked somewhat frightened to be in a "wiccan" store.

Traditional ritualism, culturalism, and herbalism shouldn't be something that scares people. I feel strongly that we all have a responsibility to educate the mainstream who still think that we steal the neighbours cat, sacrifice it and drink its blood...I only do that maybe once a year or so....ha ha ha....just kidding

Monday, December 28, 2009

Enoch. Man of God and Messiah to Fallen?


Enigmatic character from the bible. While the traditional King James Version of the bible doesnt tell us much about this man, we know that he lived during the time of the Fallen-watchers and had specific knowledge of the 'dreaded' Nephilim "half-breeds". He didnt experience death like his relatives, instead, he was taken up to heaven. There are other ancient texts, "the book of Enoch", which give far more details about this mans' relationship to angels and the nephilim. I highly recommend that anyone curious about this character get a copy of the Book of Enoch.

Much later in the bible there is another character, Elijah. He also doesn't experience death, but is instead taken to heaven on a chariot of fire.

Coincidence? Why does the bible select these men over and above all others? What is the link? Read Absolution and tell me what you think.